Cutting-Edge Technology, Binding Care… Technology has literally facilitated access to healthcare alleviating, or eliminating limitations caused by the physical location and/or, availability of health professionals. Read More

Home Health

Staying healthy, Staying home… The ‘home’ helps define a person, and the role in life that one plays. It is, therefore, an important venue for healthcare when life disruptions are caused due to disease/ injury.Read More

Assisted Living

…because comfort should not be a luxury! Assisted living, or residential care facilities offer an option to seniors who need some assistance with caring for themselves, and/or are unsafe to live by themselves in their own homes. Read More

Pet Care

…making a “pawsitive” difference! Our society is not just comprised of human beings, but also of our pets. ‘For a Stronger Community!’, we must, therefore, also optimize pet health and human-pet relationship. Read More


…sharing information, improving lives! Education, whether formal or informal, aims at learning, and retaining knowledge, and skills that help us to lead better lives and contribute in the productivity of our community. Read More


...better living, stronger community! The group has several commercial rental properties (office spaces/ store fronts) and residential apartment units in multiples cities of Ohio, and in India. Read More